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The goal of our academic journals is to provide forums in which researchers can stay abreast of developments in their respective fields. We focus on providing interesting and relevent articles in the field of religion, as well as recent and relevant book reviews, essential for helping professionals efficiently keep up to date in their fields.


Journal of Religion and Violence (JRV) is an interdisciplinary and international journal devoted to the study of religion and violence. We publish articles across many fields of research, from history to religious studies, to psychology and political science. In addition to publishing analyses of contemporary and historical religious groups involved in violent incidents, the Journal of Religion and Violence publishes articles and book reviews on theorists of religious studies such as René Girard, human sacrifice, terrorism, mass suicide, inter- and intra-religious violence, war and religion, and religiously-legitimated violence against women. Academic researchers with interests in these areas are encouraged to submit articles and book reviews.

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Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review (ASRR), is an academic resource on the ever growing list of new titles in the new religious movement and spirituality fields. In addition to scholarly articles, we feature book reviews, review articles and bibliographies in the wide-reaching NRM and spiritual genres. Only three decades ago, the number of new religious movements (NRM) specialists could be counted on one's fingers, and everything that had been published in the field could be read in about one month. Since that time, the field has expanded radically, even giving birth to a number of sub-specialties (e.g., Pagan studies and new age studies). The explosive growth of NRM studies has been matched by the number of new publications. Major academic presses, from Brill to Oxford University Press, continually publish new NRM titles. We focus on reviews of these books to enable both scholars and university libraries to stay abreast of the latest releases in this important new field.

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If you have recently published a book in any of these fields and would like to have it reviewed, please the Editorial Director