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Review Formatting Guidelines

Guidelines for Book Reviewers

Reviews can be anywhere from 500 to 2000 words, providing a concise (though not overly-brief) overview of contents, while simultaneously highlighting the major issues addressed by the book and providing a constructive appraisal of its contents. ASRR's primary goal is to keep scholars abreast of developments in the field, and this purpose is best served if reviews give readers a fairly complete picture of the publication (within the limitations imposed by the book review genre). If relevant, the book should also be framed in terms of comparisons with other publications on the same or closely related topic(s).

A general question reviewers might want to address is, Why would anyone want to read this book? Reviewers can express their own views, likes and dislikes, in a way that communicates their expertise. Any criticisms should be constructive and never personal. Page numbers should be provided for any quotation used in the review. For reviews of individual books, try to avoid footnotes or endnotes. Reviewers whose native language is not English should consult with the editor beforehand about having their reviews edited into idiomatic English.

Reviewers must provide complete citations for the books they review.

Formatting Rules

Your review should begin with the book information, then the body of your review, and then your name and affiliation
(if an independent scholar, name plus city and country of residency) at the end.

Cite your book in the following style:

Book Title and subtitle [English translation if necessary]
. Author(s) or Editor(s).
City, State or Country: Publisher, publication year.  Number of front matter pages (roman numerals) + number of text pages. Hardback price (check and see whether available as paperback, hardback or both). Paperback price (prices are sometimes provided in multiple currencies). ISBN: number.

For Example:

The Old New Religions: Keeping the Faith in a Changing World. Jane Smith, ed. London: Academic Press, 2009. xii + 225 pp. Hardback £55.00. $99.95. ISBN: 978-0-3336-1234-1

<Body of Text>

Vincent Radcliffe
Erehwon University



Authors must sign a contributor release form before reviews can be published.