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Call for Contributions:

We are always seeking new articles and book reviews. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us with the subject of your article or the title of the book you would like to review. We prefer books published within the last decade, however, we will consider earlier titles. We especially encourage reviews of scholarly books on NRMs and religious violence published in languages other than English.

Though the majority of our contributors are established scholars, we also invite the participation of independent scholars, graduate students, and postgraduate students.

Articles should be around 7,000+ words, but being an electronic journal, we accept upwards of 10,000 words as well. We also accept short notes from a thousand to 5,000 words. Due to the many reference/footnote styles internationally, we accept any reference style as long as it is used consistently throughout. Articles are peer-reviewed; please also recommend an appropreate reviewer.
 Article formatting guidlines are in the link to the left.

Book reviews fall into two categories: reviews of individual books (from 500 words in length to over 2000 words) and review essays (from 3000 words to article length).
Article length is open due to the fact that our journals are electronically published. Submissions may be written in any standard form of English (e.g., British English and American English) and any standard footnoting-citation style is acceptable as long as the style is used consistently throughout. Articles and review essays are peer reviewed. For book review formatting guidelines, click on the link to the left.

If you are interested in contributing, but do not have a particular subject or book in mind, please contact the editor and identify your areas of interest. If you would also be interested in serving as a referee for articles or review essays (for the purpose of peer review) submitted to ASRR or JRV, please contact the respective editors and identify your areas of expertise.