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What People Are Saying About ASRR


"Especially for me as an academic freelancer located in Germany, it is sometimes difficult to have access to every aspect of the ongoing international discourse in the NRM field. So a journal monitoring the international publications on Alternative Religions would be an essential resource for any scholar working independently in the field."

-Dr. Gerald Willms
Räume Zun Lesen die Privatbibliothek

"ASRR has a great potential to become an easily accessible key reference journal for research in the fields of religious studies, sociology and political science that will attract subscribers and readers from the academic world as well as from journalists, teachers and policy makers around the world."

Göran Larsson,
Department of literature, history of ideas, and religion
University of Gothenburg, Sweden


"Scholars of religion, which include anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, and those in religious studies, are inundated with a constant stream of new books. Religion, particularly the study of new religion is an area in which publishers are investing. This means that it is growing increasingly difficult to keep up with the literature. Your review journal nicely fills the gap, providing scholars with review essays that will help them stay current and to know which books are most essential for their own research. It is a journal that I would be interested in reading and I will certainly ask that my university library order it."

-Helen A. Berger, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
West Chester University

"The field of studies of alternative religion and spirituality has been struggling to find its place within the academia milieu for about thirty years and I think that it has succeeded. This new scholarly journal, Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review, will be very helpful for everybody working in this field."


-Milda AlišauskienÄ—

Director of New Religions Research and Information Centre
Department of Sociology
Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania


"There is no question in my view that the 'Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review' (ASRR) will be well-received and will fill a considerable gap in the market. Although there are a couple of other journals that have begun to explore this area, not only is the discipline still poorly served, but a periodical reviewing current and recent scholarship is a very important addition. Indeed, I firmly believe that this is the type of journal that many busy academics and researchers want and need. Certainly, you will have no shortage of subscribers in Europe and Scandinavia."

-Chris Partridge
Head of Department of Religious Studies
Lancaster University, UK