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Editorial Board


James R. Lewis 

International Editorial Board

Helen A. Berger Visiting Research Associate at the Women's Studies Research Center, Brandeis University; Professor Emeritus of Sociology, West Chester University, PA. She is the author of three books: A Community of Witches, Voices from the Pagan Census (with Leach and Shaffer, Univ. of South Carolina, 1999) and Teenage Witches (with Ezzy, Rutgers, 2007) and is editor of Witchcraft and Magic in Contemporary North America (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2005). She is currently working on a large international survey, The Pagan Census revisited.

Henrik Bogdan
Associate Professor of History of Religions in the Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion at the University of Gothenburg. He is the author of Western Esotericism and Rituals of Initiation (SUNY Press, 2007), editor of Brother Curwen, Brother Crowley: A Correspondence by Aleister Crowley and David Curwen (Teitan Press, 2010), and co-editor of numerous forthcoming collections. He is also the co-editor with James R. Lewis of Equinox’s ‘Approaches to New Religions series’. His main areas of research are western esotericism, new religious movements and Freemasonry.

George D. Chryssides Former Head of Religious Studies at the University of Wolverhampton and currently at the University of Birmingham. His publications include The Advent of Sun Myung Moon (Palgrave Macmillan, 1991), Exploring New Religions (Continuum, 1999), Historical Dictionary of New Religious Movements (The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2001), A to Z of New Religious Movements (The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2006), A Reader in New Religious Movements (co-edited with Margaret Z. Wilkins, Continuum, 2006) and Study of Religion: An Introduction to Key Ideas and Methods (with Ron Geaves, Continuum, 2007) as well as numerous journal articles and contributions to anthologies on new religions.

Carole M. Cusack Associate Professor in Studies in Religion at the University of Sydney. She is the author of The Essence of Buddhism (Lansdowne, 2001), and Invented Religions: Imagination, Fiction and Faith (Ashgate, 2010). She has co-edited several volumes, including This Immense Panorama: Studies in Honour of Eric J. Sharpe (Sydney Studies in Religion, 1999) with Peter Oldmeadow; and Religion and Retributive Logic: Essays in Honour of Professor Garry W. Trompf (Brill, 2010) with Christopher Hartney. Also with Christopher Hartney, she is Editor of the Journal of Religious History (published by Wiley) and, with Liselotte Frisk, she is Editor of the International Journal for the Study of New Religions (published by Equinox).

Dell deChant Instructor and director of the undergraduate program in Religious Studies at the University of South Florida. He is also Associate Chair of the Department of Religious Studies. He is the author of The Sacred Santa: Religious Dimensions of Consumer Culture (The Pilgrim Press, 2002), Religion and Culture in the West: A Primer (Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2008), and The Religious Dynamic of Consumer Culture (Wipf and Stock, 2008). He is the co-author (with Darrell Fasching) of Comparative Religious Ethics: A Narrative Approach (Blackwell, 2001). His recent research focuses on the religious dimension of the contemporary ecological crisis as it manifests in American popular culture.

Trude A Fonneland University of Tromsø

Olav Hammer Professor of History of Religions at the University of Southern Denmark. He has published extensively, in particular on Western esotericism and on New Religious Movements. His publications include the Handbook of Religion and the Authority of Science (edited with James R. Lewis, Brill 2010), Alternative Christs (Cambridge UP, 2009), The Invention of Sacred Tradition (edited with James R. Lewis, Cambridge UP, 2007), Polemical Encounters: Esoteric Discourse and its Others (edited with von Stuckrad, Brill, 2007) and Claiming Knowledge: Strategies of Epistemology from Theosophy to the New Age (Numen Book Series, Brill, 2003). He is at present executive editor of the journal Numen.  

Titus Hjelm Lecturer in Finnish Society and Culture at University College London. His main areas of expertise are cultural sociology, sociology of religion, social problems, social theory, media and popular culture. His research focuses on the role of minority religions in contemporary societies, the media treatment of alternative religion, and alternative popular culture. He is currently working on a book on social constructionism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), has edited a collection titled Religion and Social Problems (Routledge, 2010), and has published several books in Finnish and in journals such as Social Compass and Journal of Contemporary Religion

Sarah Lewis Lecturer in Religious Studies at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. She recently co-edited, with James R. Lewis, Sacred Schisms: How Religions Divide, (Cambridge University Press, 2009), authored the articles “Emin”, “Emissaries”, “Feng Shui” and “The Unification Church” published in Encyclopedia of New Religions: New Religious Movements, Sects and Alternative Spiritualities, (Christopher Partridge, ed. Lion Publishing, 2004) and “The Unification Movement: Science, Religion and Absolute Values” in Religion and the Authority of Science (James Lewis and Olav Hammer, eds. Brill, 2010).

Anthony Bak Buccitelli  Assistant Professor of American Studies and Communications at the Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg. He serves as the Co-Editor for the international interdisciplinary journal Cultural Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore and Popular Culture, as well as on the editorial boards of several other scholarly publications. He has written and lectured on topics in alternative spiritualities, especially contemporary paganism. In additional to his work on alternative spiritualities, he has previously taught on topics in the lived religious experience and vernacular practices of American Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam.

Jessica Moberg  Professor of Religion at Göthenburg University. Her specialties include Pentacostal studies, UFO phenomena, religion and space, and religion in Sweden. She has also written on Sacred Health, looking at the healing practices in Sweden. She has published with several journals and written chapters for Oxford University Press, and Brill. 

Stefania Palmisano  Associate Professor in Sociology of Religion at University of Turin and Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion in Lancaster University. She is a member of the editorial board of the Italian journal, Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa (il Mulino), and coordinator of the research centre CRAFT (Contemporary Religion and Faiths in Transition), based at the University of Turin. She studies contemporary religious experience in mainstream religions, spiritual healing in alternative spiritualities (neo-shamanism and Goddess spirituality in Italy) and possession and exorcism in Catholic Charismatic movements. She is the author of Exploring New Monastic Communities: The Re-invention of Tradition (Ashgate, 2015).

Alexandros Sakellariou  Panteion University of Athens, and Scientific Associate of the Greek Historical Evangelical Archive