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Alternative Spirituality & Religion Review

Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review

ISSN: 1946-0538 


Editor: James R. Lewis
Review Editor: Inga Tøllefsen
Editorial Board: Helen Berger, Henrik Bogdan, George Chryssides, Carole Cusack, Dell de Chant,
 Trude A. Fonneland, Olav Hammer, Titus Hjelm, Sarah Lewis, Anthony Bak Buccitelli, Jessica Moberg, Stefania Palimisano, Alexandros Sakellariou




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The Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review (ASRR) is a bi-annual, online journal hosted by Philosophy Documentation Center. We publish articles, book reviews and review essays in the new religious movement (NRM) field. ASRR was created with the ambitious goal of providing NRM scholars with a vehicle for staying up-to-date with new publications in this exploding field.

From Scientology to Falun Gong; Western Esoterism to the Lubavitch in France; from popular religion in Russia to Burning Man, we have Alternative sprituality and religion covered. See
our Table of Contents for more by clicking on the individual issues to the left.

For the purpose of reviewing books in ASRR, 'new religions' is defined broadly to include the diverse subfields that have developed out of NRM studies, including - but not restricted to - Pagan Studies, Studies of Western Esotericism, New Age Studies, Modern Satanism, Masonic Studies, and Studies of New Thought. ASRR also reviews studies of new movements within traditional religions, such as the Charismatic movement in Christianity, Guru movements in Hinduism, and new religious movements in indigenous societies.

Additionally, depending on an author's approach and specific focus, ASRR reviews books on certain quasi-religious phenomena, such as implicit religion, UFO societies and spiritual healing.